We are currently displaying work by the following artists

Samuel Durkin, contemporary painter

Samuel Durkin was born in 1972 in Portsmouth, England. He grew up in Wallingford, Oxfordshire where his mother, a local artist, ran an art shop and gallery. As a child he was always surrounded by art and artists. He studied at Bournemouth and Poole Art College. His work is abstract and impressionist, trying to keep a balance between identifiable images and a painterly abstraction. He has become best known for his nude and cityscape painting. The focus is on the painting technique and the beauty of form. His work expresses his feelings through the paint and is designed to enlighten your life.

To learn more about Samuel and see examples of his work visit www.arts-fine.co.uk

Anna Marshall, photographer

Anna Marshall graduated from Sir John Cass School of Art/London Metropolitan University, London with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art in 2005. Anna won a prize for her incredible photographs of an Indigenous Tribe located in the remote Brazilian Amazon. London Metropolitan University purchased two large-scale photographs for their art collection.

Anna has a natural skill when it comes to photographing children and has spent many years documenting the lives of children at St Paul’s Steiner School in London as well as the Casa do Sol, a school for street children in Brazil. Her portfolio includes photographs of discarded objects along the River Thames in London to urban landscapes and graffiti found in cities.

To learn more about Anna and see examples of her work visit www.annamarshallphotography.com

Anna Faff, photographer

Anna Faff holds an MSc in computer engineering and, as well as having a full time job, is undertaking a Global MBA at Manchester Business School. Despite her hectic life style, she is also a gifted photographer trying to catch that “extraordinary moment” and she believes that “the best photo is the real photo”. Her work covers numerous areas but she particularly excels with her photographs of the natural world.

To learn more about Anna and see examples of her work visit http://annafaff.rightit.org.uk/

Michael Hibberd, photographer

Michael is a travel photographer currently studying for a BA Hons degree at UWE, Bower Ashton, Bristol. Abstract, geometric landscapes and cityscapes feature heavily in his work. He has a strong appreciation for deadpan aesthetics and fragments of surrealism. Michael is inspired by numerous artists including Lewis Baltz, Matthias Hoch, Eugene Atget and Hugo Schmolz to name but a few.

Georgina Rodgers, photographer

Georgina is a photographer, handbag and jewellery designer and art teacher currently based in Bermondsey. Her interest in photography stems from her art and she has recently produced a number of exhibitions focusing on her local neighbourhood which Moderna is pleased to be launching through its nationwide galleries.

To learn more about Georgina and see examples of his work visit http://georginarodgers.blogspot.co.uk/

The Clifton Art School

We are delighted to be able to support this group of students producing a range of contemporary art work for exhibition nationally. The art encompasses a wide variety of styles and subjects ranging from abstraction to realism.

If you are an artist and are interested in displaying your work at one of our nationwide venues please contact info@modernaart.co.uk